We solve one of the biggest challenges

the configuration of property developments
and the interaction with consumers


we move the entire communication, configuration and documentation to our digital consumer platform

and take care of the consumer satisfaction, leaving you to focus on the building and what you do best.
To ensure this, we focus on the entire project cycle.

Sales process

Use the consumer platform to show a detailed overview of all specifications already in the sales process and increase the purchase experience and your sales opportunities from the start of your project

Online collaboration

Guide your consumers through the whole developing lifecycle of their apartment, house or office. That not only saves time and raises the satisfaction level on both sides but also secures your price and planning structure

Communication and documentation

Maintain communication with your consumers and ensure cross-project documentation at all times to reduce additional effort and execution errors

Handover and defect management

The communication chain between you and the consumer ends with an optimal handover and an effective defect management through our platform


We start exactly where the efforts and the challenges in the configuration process start. Current processes focus only on the technical handling and communication between the developer and the executing companies. The consumer is left out in most cases. We close this gap and provide your consumers with an optimal overview of all relevant topics.


We guarantee a complete documentation of your communication processes, which are eminently important for the optimal handling of your real estate projects. Timely management of deadlines, automated dispatch of legally binding information and the possibility to view samples online also make PROPSTER indispensable. In addition, the real estate handover and the defect management are also handled by our system.

more than 180 projects in 4 countries

PROPSTER is used in several areas


only a few steps to the optimization of your consumer experience

1. Implementation

Every company is individual! Therefore PROPSTER is adapted to your company processes in the first step to ensure a fast and easy implementation

3. Select products

You can now select your standard products and the alternative products. Furthermore, there is the possibility to define design lines and integrate them into your project as a configurator

5. Create the room book

Provide us with all relevant information to store object-related data in the system. This enables us, for example, not only to calculate additional costs for floor coverings but also to activate or deactivate specific products for certain customers.

7. Set up Message Box and Docu Box

Now define the internal and external communication structure and load all relevant data for the project, such as floor plans, visualisations, building and equipment descriptions etc. upload.

2. Create project

Activate your first project. Based on your project specifications we will create a suitable product and service selection for your project and start the onboarding process!

4. Customize Design

Customize the consumer platform to your project design or your company and thereby increase brand loyalty. Furthermore, activate an individual domain for the platform

6. Specify Deadlines

In order to ensure a smooth flow of the planning and construction phases, provide your products with deadlines so that you can communicate them to your consumers in a timely manner.

8. Activate Project

You have reached your goal. Now check all data once again, test the entire process internally and release the entire project for your customers with one click.


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