Deadline list receives an update

Our platform is one update richer. We have taken care to improve our deadline list. Now it is possible to set deadlines for products as well as categories. This is useful to create deadlines for many products at once. For example, bathroom fixtures need different deadlines than the tiles in the bathroom.

New function: Product dependencies

PROPSTER is always trying to create new functions and improve existing ones. That’s why we took a closer look at the product logic of our platform and found that there is still potential for improvement. Sometimes you want to show or even hide certain products only after other related products have been selected. With the new feature, our property developers and project developers can do just that and make products invisible/visible, depending on the dependencies that have been previously defined.

House-configurator – ELK Fertighaus chooses PROPSTER

ELK Fertighaus? You thought that with PROPSTER can only configure apartments and offices? We have to admit, we thought the same thing at the beginning. However, we were signalled relatively early on that our platform has great potential on the house market. That is why we decided to develop the house configurator. With the new functions, PROPSTER will be expanded by an important core piece.

15 Advantages of PROPSTER

Before we come to the 1st advantage, let us briefly explain what our platform is. PROPSTER is a web-based, platform-independent software for property and project developers. With the introduction of PROPSTER you save yourself a lot of trouble and gain a lot of time. Our holistic solution supports you over several project phases:

Configurator as a new feature at PROPSTER

Configurator as a new feature: We have integrated 3 new key features into PROPSTER, which should not be missing in your next residential project. In the following article there is a short summary and first screenshots. Of course we have also made all features available for you in our DEMO.

Customer Management Tool at PROPSTER

The customer management tool and message system are designed to provide support in the processing of special requests and thus make a significant contribution to the optimisation of communication. One of our goals is that a large part of the individualization process and communication is handled centrally via our customer management tool.

Defect management at PROPSTER

PROPSTER gets a new feature! In order to be able to handle the handover of the apartment and the associated defect management even more effectively, PROPSTER is now supported by the defect management.

Demo 1.2 – New Features for PROPSTER

Demo 1.2 – With the current release we have implemented two new features in PROPSTER that will delight both apartment buyers and individualisation process agents. In this article we will discuss the new developments and give a rough overview of the advantages.