ÖkoSiedlung Friedrichsdorf is a project of Frank Heimbau Main/Taunus GmbH

Open structures and large windows

In five modern city villas, 54 attractive condominiums are being built, which are just as impressive due to their green location by the park as they are due to their diverse apartment floor plans. Singles, couples and young families can realize their individual living dreams here. All city villas are characterized by quality and a solid structural basis with stringent

Deal magazine article – development of the digital consumer platform

Deal magazine reports – the digital consumer platform is being developed

“We always develop new functions close to the user and are guided by their demand and the feedback we receive from them. We don’t want to offer customers anything unnecessary, but rather provide the best solution as quickly as possible. All services that ultimately make it onto the platform must absolutely generate added value for the purchaser,” explains Andreas Quast, co-founder and responsible for Global Business Development at PROPSTER.

Konii article – development of the digital consumer platform

Konii reports – development of the digital consumer platform

“We focus on the entire buying experience of real estate buyers and want to further develop our product to meet the needs of real estate developers and their customers,” says Milan Zahradnik, founder and managing director, PROPSTER, “The next step is to incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality into our product development. A further focus will be on the integration of other start-up services. We already have strategic cooperations with Visoplan, Roomhero and Planradar to further advance the digitalization of the entire value chain”.

Trending Topics article – accelerator program at Pi-Labs reports: Successful accelerator program at Pi-Labs.

Five startups had the opportunity to exchange ideas with numerous experts over the past almost 15 weeks. In doing so, they have been able to adapt their products to the British market in particular. In addition, during this period “the first projects in the UK were to be acquired and relationships with other relevant VCs were to be established” in order to prepare the upcoming Series A financing round. From Vienna the start-up PROPSTER, founded by CEO Milan Zahradnik, was present.

Report magazine interview with Milan Zahradnik

The Bau & Immobilien Report spoke with our founder & CEO Milan Zahradnik

Report: In September 2017 Milan Zahradnik founded Sonderwunsch Meister GmbH. Zahradnik quickly realized that the handling of special requests is about more than just special wishes. Under the new name PROPSTER, Zahradnik and his team take care of the entire interaction between property developer and purchaser. With the result that the project developer has less effort and more satisfied customers.