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The implementation of our product partners guarantees an optimization of the entire process through quality assurance.
This includes not only increased marketing quality and the best possible construction time planning, but also support and know-how from the highest level of the manufacturers.

Property developer

The high-quality product selection of our partners contributes essentially to a successful marketing and the quality-tested products enable an enormous reduction of defects. Our product partners guarantee not only delivery reliability but also the best possible service. Our partners guarantee a higher cost transparency with guide prices.

General contractor

By integrating our partners, the construction schedule can be better adhered to, as product delivery problems can be avoided. The access to product trained subcontractors and specialists can minimize the risk of defects by identifying sources of error. The compatibility of manufacturers ensures an optimization of solution sales.

Sub contractor

The integration of our partners offers access to a defect and complaint service as well as a network for processing optimization perfectly adapted to the product. Use the service and support from the manufacturer at the highest level. Our partners offer local support in every region.

Our Partners

Sanitary - AT

Sanitary - DE

Wall and floor coverings - AT

Wall and floor coverings - DE

Electro - AT

Electro - DE

Communication - AT

Kitchen - AT

Demo und Pricing

In order to get a better idea of the functional range and pricing of PROPSTER, we have created a comprehensive DEMO, which is available on a separate page. Take a look at the entire scope of PROPSTER and all its functions using our sample website, and then choose the version that suits you best.

What do our partners say?

We asked our partners what the current trends and challenges in residential construction are. Below you can see the professional assessments of some partners.

“A clear trend towards shower toilets has been identified in our country. Because this combines all the advantages of a bidet and a WC. With a shower toilet, a well-tempered water jet gently cleans the affected parts of the body and leaves behind a clean feeling. The selective use of odour extraction (Duo-Fresh) opens up a whole new world of freshness. An LED orientation light behind the actuating plate provides discreet illumination when going to the toilet at night. To take advantage of this daily convenience, all that is needed is empty pipework to ensure subsequent cabling.”
Thomas Birklbauer
Geberit Österreich
“Large format parquet or herringbone laying with larger formats is becoming one of the most popular ways of making your home more attractive.”
Josef Thaller
Weitzer Parkett
“The fundamental question we ask ourselves again and again is, “Why do we build homes as we did many years ago, almost unchanged?” Apart from architectural trends, of course, better windows and one or two insulation measures. Do we build in a climate-friendly way? Do we use renewable energies to the extent that the technologies already provide us with them? Do we take demographic developments into account? In many cases we have to answer such and similar questions with “No!
But there would already be an enormous potential.
Through intelligent systems in the field of electrical installation – above all KNX, with around 500 manufacturers worldwide – we have been able to achieve effective preventive measures for heating buildings in the summer months for years with shading systems. With KNX, comfort ventilation systems are also controlled in a CO²-compliant manner (room air quality, an essential component in comfort), energy consumption is optimised and the basis for assisted living for the elderly is created.
Through the use of photovoltaic communal systems, the legislator has created the possibility to enable the generation of own energy in the form of solar power on apartment buildings. In this way, a large part of the own consumption can be covered, the energy for hot water production and also for electric mobility can be provided. Keyword e-mobility – with modern wallboxes (charging stations) it is possible to provide a reasonable energy management also in urban areas.
Last but not least, the topic of space heating. In the near future, it will not only be a question of how we create pleasant temperatures in winter, but also how we manage to survive the heat waves in summer. Mind you, without the use of air conditioning. The heat pump can help in many cases, as it is capable of heating and cooling (thermal component activation). Thanks to energy from the in-house photovoltaic system – it is also a matter of reducing energy costs to a minimum – we have taken a giant step towards climate-friendly construction.
Let us face the discussion high tech – low tech! What we have to keep in mind is that what was once high tech has long since become low tech.”
Alfred Pichsenmeister

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