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The individualisation process starts with the marketing of the project. The sales person is often the first point of contact for the buyer in relation to any updates or requests. This highlights the importance of a helpful tool to manage this communication optimally.

Real Estate Developer

Leave nothing to chance with requests from customers. With PROPSTER, you can be assured that all communication will be handled optimally. Have a overview of your real estate project at all times.

Building Contractor

Bespoke requests from customers not only results in administrative effort, but can quickly lead to disgruntled customers. With PROPSTER, you can communicate centrally with your customers via one single platform and as a result you reduce the administrative effort enormously.

Construction Companies

PROPSTER helps you to communicate deadlines to all relevant parties and offers an optimal overview of any requests. Thereafter, the focus will be on the handover and the management of defects, which you can also handle via our platform.

Our Customers








Demo and Prices

In order to get a better idea of the functionality and pricing of PROPSTER, we have created a comprehensive DEMO, which is available on a separate page. Take a look at the full scope of PROPSTER and all the features from our sample website, then choose the right version for you.


“The cooperation with PROPSTER brings several advantages for us. Customers have many and increasing individualisation requests for their residential property. PROPSTER provides us with its central projectplatform to make internal and external work clearly easier. We always had one full time employee who had to take care of the individualisation tasks. Much of the work is now done by the platform. The solution is much more efficient than before. The second big advantage is the comfort and modernised service for our customers. You can dedicate yourself to the topic individualisation easier, more focued and more flexible in terms of time. Buyers get automated construction progress and deadlines communication – in short, the information and communication level has risen for the customer.”
Markus Brandstätter
„We at IC Development, and thus at the Vienna City development area of VIERTEL 2, work with PROPSTER, because we want to raise the customer care in flat buying to a new, qualitatively higher level. PROPSTER enables us for the first time to take this next innovation step towards customer needs. With PROPSTER we have a solution with which we can handle the processing of individualizations with ease . Our ultimate goal is maxed out professionalism thanks to contemporary digital solutions for our customers.“
Walter Hammertinger

We requested feedback from our clients what our customers think about PROPSTER. Below you will find three customer opinions, within which there are some similarities. All three customers emphasize that our solution helps them to modernize and simplify their processes. The individualisation processing is simplified, shortened and made transparent for all concerned. At the same time, PROPSTER strengthens the perceived service quality and customer satisfaction.

We came to using PROPSTER over our industry contacts. We talk to each other and we have heard much good. The construction industry needs to become more digital and customer-oriented, and this startup makes an important contribution to this. In this specific case, both sides benefit a lot, it is a strong symbiosis. We receive very good input and new insights and PROPSTER benefits from our experience as a long-standing and internationally successful player on the market.

Especially our industry needs new innovative solutions. Currently we are designing the rollout of our joint online sampling. Our common goal is to enhance the customer experience by allowing the customer to deal with their home wherever they choose – online and at a time of their choosing. In short: independent of time and place. From my point of view PROPSTER is, as regarding the visualisation and in particular its interactive service platform, a level above other solutions.“

Thomas Scheriau

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