Ulrich Reitenberger counts with STUDY 56 on PROPSTER

Ulrich Reitenberger stands for meanwhile over 65 years for the fulfilment of the real estate desires of buyers and investors. With the new real estate project STUDY 56, apartments for students are being created in Augsburg. Here the creation of a living space with an elevated standard of living with sufficient peace and quiet and space for studying is in the foreground.

Bachgarten counts on PROPSTER

Bachgarten as a family oasis. In the middle of Radlberg in Lower Austria, which lies directly between St. Pölten and Herzogenburg, the Bachgarten will create a total of 14 comfortable living units for the whole family. The semi-detached housing complexes consist of 8 two-storey and 6 three-storey apartment buildings.

Ulrich Reitenberger counts on PROPSTER

Ulrich Reitenberger is developing a new project with “Schöner Leben Nördlingen“. The city of the same name Nördlingen has just under 20,000 inhabitants and is located in the heart of Bavaria. The old town is surrounded by a well-preserved medieval city wall with towers and a covered battlement. The inhabitants and tourists of Nördlingen can look forward to regular markets and historical festivals.

Christiane Weissenborn in an Investor Interview

Christiane Weissenborn, born in Vienna, grew up speaking three languages – French/German/Italian, attended the Lycée Francais in Vienna and studied psychology in France and then economics in Vienna. After a detour into the fashion industry and advertising in Paris, she returned to Vienna to work as a Marketing Manager at Nestlé Austria.