Deadline list receives an update

Our platform is one update richer. We have taken care to improve our deadline list. Now it is possible to set deadlines for products as well as categories. This is useful to create deadlines for many products at once. For example, bathroom fixtures need different deadlines than the tiles in the bathroom.

New function: Product dependencies

PROPSTER is always trying to create new functions and improve existing ones. That’s why we took a closer look at the product logic of our platform and found that there is still potential for improvement. Sometimes you want to show or even hide certain products only after other related products have been selected. With the new feature, our property developers and project developers can do just that and make products invisible/visible, depending on the dependencies that have been previously defined.

Roomhero cooperation brings new features

PROPSTER extends with Roomhero its features by the furnishing of real estates


Roomhero was founded in 2014 and is Europe’s first digital interior designer for residential and commercial properties. The company’s goal is to increase the return on investment for investors through the targeted and appropriate furnishing of properties. For this purpose, proprietary algorithms and evaluation mechanisms have been developed. The furnishing meets the individual requirements and is adapted to the floor plan of the respective residential or commercial unit.

15 Advantages of PROPSTER

Before we come to the 1st advantage, let us briefly explain what our platform is. PROPSTER is a web-based, platform-independent software for property and project developers. With the introduction of PROPSTER you save yourself a lot of trouble and gain a lot of time. Our holistic solution supports you over several project phases:

Individualisation process & more

What are the challenges that actually arise after the individualisation process? The answer of property and project developers is the same: handing over the apartment and defect management! And that is why we have integrated these two requirements into PROPSTER!