Your effortless and easy way to sell property off-plan and gain more on cross-selling

PROPSTER is your ultimate tool to boost the sales performance ONLINE. Minimise the investment risks by selling off-plan. Sell property faster. Work with foreign inestors remotely. Gain more revenue with advanced cross-selling options. Improve the interaction with your customers.

Boost off-plan sales

Sell faster, sell remotely, sell off-plan.

Cut the investment risks

Increase the chance to get investment confirmation faster by selling the property off-plan.

Sell to foreign investors REMOTELY

Present the residential and commercial property online and sell it remotely 55% faster.

Gain lifetime value

Instead of earning money on selling real estate one time, generate lifetime value with your clients.

PROPSTER Sales Booster Mode

Boost your sales performance ONLINE

Present the real estate project ONLINE. With a few clicks, your customers can find their new apartment and configure it. They can get all the information about the project and apartment, get a visual first impression of their home, and quickly submit an enquiry to your sales team.

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3D Configuration & Online Sampling

Configure apartment online

Our online configurator is designed to improve the buying experience of your customers (buyers, tennants and investors). Let your customer dive into the future by configuring his future living himself with the products that you defined for him. Communicate and exchange the documents with our centralised platform faster and more effective.

Defect management and hand-over

Execute efficiently

Provide a list of materials & quantities based on different formats( BIM, DWG, CSV, and others). Decrease execution errors. Use the smart notification system to remind your customers about upcoming deadlines. Handover stress-free.

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Advanced cross-selling and upselling

Get lifetime value

Instead of earning money just on closing the sales deals one time, generate lifetime value with your clients with the advanced cross-selling and upselling options available within our platform.


We start exactly where the effort and the challenges in selling and managing real estate begin – namely with the purchaser. Current processes focus on the technical handling and communication between the developer and the executing companies. In most cases, the buyer is left out. We close this gap and guide the buyer through the entire project cycle to ensure an optimal customer experience.

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We guarantee complete documentation of all your communication, which is eminently important for the optimal handling of your real estate projects. Timely management of deadlines, automated dispatch of legally binding information and the possibility to show a variation of products online also make PROPSTER indispensable. In addition, the real estate handover and the defect management are also handled by our system.


PROPSTER is used in several segments of the real estate industry




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Only a few steps to optimize your customer experience

1. Claim Free Access

Check how PROPSTER works for your company with our 14-day free trial. We are always available for a personal or online consultation.

3. Adapt & Onboard

Every company is individual! That is why PROPSTER is adapted based to your company processes & needs right from the start. Right after that, we start the onboarding process!

2.Set up your first project

Activate your first project. Based on the information you provide and our experience from a large number of projects, we will create a customised product and service selection for your project.

4. Let's go!- Invite the collaborators

Now your project is live, invite your collaborators and customers to work together and configure real estate.


Test PROPSTER for free

It's easy to start with PROPSTER. To give you the best possible overview of PROPSTER, you can caim a free DEMO access and test the platform within 14 days for free! Still not sure if that's an option? Visit the calculator to check yourself how we may help you save your time, money and nerves.


Have a deeper look into our references

Increase off-plan sales of the real estate up to 45%

Marketing and selling residential and commercial property REMOTELY becomes 99% faster and easier with the us PROPSTER.

How to boost off-plan sales in real estate with PROPSTER